you are not alone.

IF THERE IS ANYTHING I KNOW FOR SURE, IT IS THIS. you are not alone. none of us are. beneath the surface, we are all starving for the same thing. love. we all have so much to give. your story matters, too. you matter. your unspoken thoughts, dreams, ideas…what keeps you up at night…everything. it all matters. YOU KNOW MORE THAN YOU THINK YOU DO. the truth is, love has become my passion. human connection has become my passion. this is why i created coexist. which is honestly just a safe space for beautiful humans with beautiful minds to come together and experience this love within. thank you for being part of my story. i am ready to hear your own.

here's what you get.

  • monthly themes focusing on a single self love topic.

  • full online course teaching you about the self-love topic each month.

  • access to a private online community.

  • meet ups for members

  • all other courses are included for free (this will continue to grow)

questions & answers.

  • what is coexist?

    an online community for beautiful humans who want to learn to love themselves again. what you learn here you will not learn anywhere else.

  • why should i join?

    to have a safe space to be vulnerable and to be human and connect to like minded people and grow together.

  • who is this for?

    anyone who is willing to devote their energy to healing their inner world, so our external earth can become heaven again 🌏

  • what is included in my membership?

    a private community, meditations, webinars, teachings, and all courses that i create. each month i will create a new course and you will get access to it for free. oh, and a lot more things. you'll just have to sign up to see 😉

  • can i cancel if i don't love it?

    you can cancel at any moment. all you have to do is click the icon in the top right corner, click profile, and click billing, you can cancel on your terms.